A REALLY BAD DAY 12/08/2007

Omg! Today I'm going to Orlando at 2:00 pm. We were about to go to Los Angeles but my dad did the last minute cancelation because he didn't earn as much money as he was supposed to. I was REALLY mad! Now....ITS EVEN WORSE! My dad rented a hotel with 1 room! And read all the people coming: Me, Gabriel (my brother), Santiago (My little brother), Mom, Dad, Grandma, Aunt, and little couzin.



X-MAS TREE 12/01/2007

Hey! I'm sorry if I didn't put up the pictures yesterday. Something was wrong with the program I use and I have to reinstall it because it told me to. Anyways...I am putting up my christmas tree today. It's going to be really fun because we are putting up the lights up on a tree outside. So...yeah..I G2G BYE!